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The Future Isn't What It Used To Be



What we do

What do we do here at Vyrys? A lot, that’s what! Our work is found the world over in strategic defense, telecommunication, biological research, technology, education, artificial intelligence, psychological warfare and exploration. Our dedication to bringing tomorrow to today has never been stronger.


Vyrys was created in 1971 to negate the strategic deficit caused by “unknown unknowns”.  In other words, beyond our awareness that there are actions unknown to us at a given moment, there are yet other realities for which the human species does not look. But what is a strategic deficit? While we take our senses for granted, we are blissfully unaware of other realities, realities perhaps relegated to fantasy and mythology. By pushing the boundaries of our current perceptions of light and sound, we aim to discover unexpected behaviors. In the same way that analyzing cosmic light, gravity and red-shifting enable us to detect objects that we cannot see, so, too, do we hope that connections between unexpected behaviors will lead us to an awareness of the unknown.


Because of our consistent success we are afforded a great deal of autonomy, which we use to protect our patents and to further our and your benevolent interests. As speaking primates operating on the surface of a vacuum-bound spheroid, we have an obligation to grow our understanding of reality on small and large scales, and everywhere in between. Some of our research has opened doorways, so to speak, to information that simply can not be compromised.


Not everything we do can be revealed, of course. In the interest of public safety, some of our projects are classified and therefore unavailable to congressional oversight. After all, Vyrys would not be the responsible, credible company it is today if we let politicians and lobbyists use our highly specialized experts as pawns.


Whether they come from the finest institutions of higher learning or elsewhere, Vyrys projects attract the best and brightest. Unfortunately, some of the brightest are adversaries.