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The Future Isn't What It Used To Be




Facsimile Evolved Race And Lineage. Apparent human evolutionary step. Subjects are kept in Subject Disposal Zone for observation.


FERALs are humans with the potential to psychologically project into the Shadotecture. Most such experimental projections either fail or conclude with only partial projection success. Regardless, individuals are used only once, as the side effects of even single projection attempts are severe and difficult to contain.


FERALs are free to roam the SDZ as post-projection subjects. Artifacts of projection include phasing between the physical universe and the Shadotecture, both for FERALs and other unknown entities and environments. Another byproduct is the apparent gain of a heretofore unknown musical speech pattern. Attempts at translating this "language" or even defining patterns or nomenclature have thus far been difficult. The Dream Physx sector of Vyrys continues studies of this phenomenon.


In both pre- and post-projection, FERALS produce "artwork" or other communication that seems to have some connection with both the physical universe and the shadotecture, often combining disparate yet complementary elements in unusual and unexpected ways. These are found scattered throughout the SDZ.


For example, the image below seems to depict a combination of mutated human DNA with what appears to be a crown of thorns. It is clearly DNA but not human. Some of the nodes match DNA found in large felines, while others are similar to certain species of serpents. No such animal exists yet the DNA is depicted nonetheless.

Are these arbitrarily creative forms? Or are they representations of what is actually in the Shadotecture? The image below is another example of an unusual combination of elements. It depicts individuals near a monument of some type, or perhaps a large altar. The monument itself seems to be comprised of a vertebraic form not unreminiscent of other architectural forms depicted by FERALs. Upon closer examination, we see two types of individuals near the monument. Are the related? If so, then how? While this structure seems otherworldly, the glyphs on the right have been identified as Hebrew for "divine."

Exhibit 3, below, is yet another example of combining disparate yet complementary elements, this time in the form of roses with the ever-present vertebrae as stems.

Images continue. Below, a shopping cart.

Indescribable. Click below for larger image.

It is of some interest that FERALs are channeling the images rather than producing them from known individual artistic ability. The image below is surreal and inexpliccable, to say the least.

Socially, post-projection FERALs are capable yet generally avoidant of communication, instead seeming to focus on the phasing nature of the Subject Disposal Zone. While many images are without any apparent emotional connection, some seem to depict fear or uncertainty. The image below features a massive figure, its size only revealed by the small figures cowering in the lower foreground.

In the same way that images in dreams are often not literal, it has been hypothesized that the drones in the above images are also representative of something else. Likewise, the closed-circuit surveillance cameras below are probably less literal and perhaps more related to the anthropomorphization of technology exhibited by modern humans.

Below are two examples of angelic glyphs or icons of some type.

Interestingly, different FERALs create the same figures, but with variations in appearance. Below we can see variations that include double wings and horns.

Subject Disposal Zone


The SDZ is a vast expanse of enclosed space in which FERALs are permitted to roam when not subject to experimentation/observation. Because of their ability to physically manifest phenomena from the Shadotecture, and because of their unpredictability, it is absolutely necessary for FERALs to be confined to this space.


The SDZ is geographically limited by containment walls that prohibit FERAL wandering anywhere beyond.