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Living Architecture/Architorture

Hypothetical genetic code combined with samples of the Gyral Placental Dimension spawn inexplicable architectural species in our hybrid simulator. The parasitic architecture feeds from the surrounding volumetric matrix. Given that we have no way of applying known physics or metrics to this space, these structures could be microscopic in size or light years across. There is no way to know.


Genetic material taken from FERALs in the Subject Disposal Zone generates similar results, below. This is compelling because if we can harness matter from the gyral space we can then control it using artificial genetic code in the physical universe. In essence, we would be able to create objects and life that are sourced from both the physical universe and the Shadotecture.


Frames from Shadotecture probe footage, below:


Evidently the Shadotecture has different environments and physics. Some match or show similarities to our own in the physical universe, while some are inexplicable. It would seem that in some cases the physical universe and the Shadotecture merge or overlap, but it is unknown how.



The image below was recorded in the Subject Disposal Zone. These structures do not exist in the physical universe. Note the liquid wall.


Recent discoveries and insights from probes to The Shadotecture have yielded hints at new possibilities for structural engineering. By combining genetically engineered building materials with nanopolymers and semitransparent materials new architectural realities emerge.

Above is an artist's conception of an example of the types of architecture we can grow. Detail at right.

Below is another example, based on photographic evidence from The Gate.

Detail, right. Future efforts will include the creation of bioluminescent architecture.






Below: a second variant using the Vertebrae Model.

Below, formerly classified images were made public after a Freedom of Information Act ruling against Vyrys. The images are from a document that summarized the findings of a probe into the Shadotecture. The source of the commentary is unknown. Other pages are missing.

A structure with organic growth, above, taken from a probe of the Shadotecture, is, somewhat disconcertingly, similar to the airport structure near the research complex in the Negev, seen below.

The airport is temporarily closed for renovation, updates to wayfinding graphics and the installation of new defibrillators and TP-2200 units.



Teletecture is the phenomenon of unknown structural forms from the Shadotecture appearing in the physical universe. Corporeality of such phenomenon varies from ethereal and transparent to being capable of tactile interaction with the physical universe. Instances with which teletecture has been "physically" interacted with, or touched, by FERALs, when not capable by regular human observers, have been recorded.