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Shadotecture Physics

The Shadotecture is the name of the largely unknown space that we are currently attempting to access via probes and test subjects that can psychologically project into it. In terms of knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns, there is much more that we do not know than we do know, but we don't know how much we don't know we don't know.


What we do know:


  • We are unable to directly see it because it is not of the electromagnetic spectrum of energy, as the physical universe is.
  • We can't feel it because it is not comprised of baryonic matter.
  • We can't understand its mechanics because it exists in a different time-scale.




The Shadotecture functions simultaneously in multiple time scales, i.e, coexisting entities and elements existing in overlapping speeds of reality.


This hypothetical plane of spiritual energy, the Shadotecture, is colliding with our brane (universe) of baryonic matter, itself the result of a collision between a plane of dark matter and a plane of baryonic matter (Big Bang), which enabled life.


This brane has now made partial contact with the Shadotecture. For reason unknown, certain human test subjects are able to tap into this exotic spectrum of energy that we call Infraviolet Radiation.




We perceive time in a flat, linear way with assumptions and definitions based on what we have seen throughout our lives. What if the scale of time was shifted? As with the species of manakin birds in the American tropics, that can move faster than the brain can filter and comprehend, new information is revealed in different scales of time. What if multiple scales of time could exist simultaneously?


Imagine a wave in the ocean, perpetually changing and evolving. This matches our perception and scale of time, but what if it was viewed from another scale of time? What if a freeze frame of one peak of a wave was actually an eternity in another scale of time. The peak of the wave would be motionless, just as a mountain appears to us. Now imagine another scale of time in which geology appeared to flow like the ocean. What impact would these examples have on how we perceive visual information? What would be revealed or hidden?


At Vyrys, we indeed believe that multiple time scales may exist concurrently, resulting in possible overlapping realities.

Is the artifact above, found in the Negev Desert in the 1950s, a piece of sculptural art? Or is it, perhaps, something else, perhaps even something living, but in a time scale unlike our own?



The Terrortecture is a scintillating nexus occupied by souls in transition between lives. For those with instantaneous transitions, this realm is experienced only for what would be a microsecond in the known time scale. However, for those within for longer periods, this realm is a multidimensional, fractious ocean of shifting realities, energies, sensations and impossible dreams scythed along countless timelines.


Remergent Articulation and Manifestation


The apparent convergence of the Shadotecture and the known physical universe seems to function in a way similar to that of a vocoder. A vocoder combines a carrier signal with a manipulator signal, such that each signal takes on characteristics of the other in the final product.


A real-world example would be the merging of architectural forms of the Shadotecture with a known animal, the result of which being something heretofore unknown: living species of architecture.


The ramifications of dreamlike impossibilities suddenly becoming real are immense, to put it lightly. As one might imagine, this convergence would be potentially unpredictable, dangerous and even completely catastrophic, thus F.E.R.A.L. subjects, post-projection, face confinement to the SDZ as the manifestations of their interactions with the Shadotecture cannot be governed. Yet.